Grocery Gateway WW Menu Review

My delivery was scheduled between 9:00 am and 11:00 am and the driver showed up about 10:30 and called to let me know when he was outside. I had forgotten how long the wait was from the time of the call until he is actually at the door. It seemed to take forever.

Having paid online, I just had to sign on his phone with my finger and he left the two boxes of groceries at the door. When I moved them, there was a very muddy puddle to clean up and muddy water dripped from the bottom of one of the boxes all the way to the kitchen. Seems like they could solve that by providing a sheet of light plastic to set the box on.

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Grocery Packaging

Boxes were the same as I remember, with handy carrying handles. Unlike before, when groceries were loose in the boxes, these were in green plastic bags with handles inside the boxes. Not sure of the point of that. It seems like unnecessary packaging. Wine was in paper bags, one bottle per bag.

The berry boxes were secured with elastics, something I appreciate from Longos. Sucks when they are not and the box opens in transit.


Groceries UnpackedUnpacking the groceries, I was glad to see that I hadn’t forgotten anything obvious I needed. I did, however, order yogurt, and it turns out that I didn’t really need it.

Guess I’ll have to double down on eating it.

Weight Watchers Meal Ingredients

The biggest disappointment was the volume of the meal ingredients. For the cost of the kit, I expected that I would get only what was actually needed to make the recipe, something that made the purchase attractive to me. I hate to have to waste food and when shopping for one in a grocery store, that seems inevitable. More things are being made available in small packages but there is still always some waste, particularly with produce that comes in bunches rather than by weight, like garlic, green onions, carrots, etc.

  • My recipe calls for 2 medium carrots and I got a whole bunch.
  • I need 2 cloves of garlic, and I got a whole garlic. For garlic, I normally use the prepared kind that comes in a jar or a tube to avoid having to waste it.
  • Cumin required is 1-1/2 tsp, but I got a whole package and I actually have a bottle in my cupboard. One of my favourite spices, but it will take forever to use up and will probably go stale. According to the recipe, the cumin was to come from my pantry so not sure why it was even included.
  • Recipe has 1/2 cup of chicken broth and got a whole can. The rest will likely go down the drain.
  • A whole package of dried apricots when all I need is 8 pieces. At least those I can package to snack on.
  • There is a HUGE bunch of cilantro, something I’m not fond of and that I will probably leave out of the recipe and toss.

The Verdict

I probably will continue to order my groceries through the winter, at least on some weeks. It is convenient and easier than going out in the snow and worth the delivery fee. It’s great that I can also order wine at the same time now, which is new.

But I definitely will not be ordering the Weight Watchers meals again, given they seemed quite expensive and I still get the ingredients in bulk, many of which will get thrown out in the end. Avoiding the waste was, after all, my primary motivation to try them in the first place. It is actually worse than just buying my own ingredients, since I can skip the ones I don’t need when I do that.

And next time, I will be ready with a garbage bag to lay on the floor for the driver to set my groceries on, so I don’t have to clean up a huge mess.

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