My Container Obsession

I’m obsessed with these containers. I now have:

  1. Large container with 4 various size cups in blue
  2. Medium container with 3 various size cups in pink
  3. Double decker, awesome for one serving that needs heating and one to serve cold
  4. Three small cups. Might get the 4 cup, square one too. This is awesome to take with a dish to heat up.
  5. Two of the single, larger cup

I also ordered the salad bowl with a snap in top section for toppers and dressing. This seems like it will be awesome, but alas, one of the tabs snapped off in shipping and it needs to be returned. I like it because it is a decent size for a meal salad and I think having the topper portion will inspire less boring salads by encouraging me to add things like seeds and feta, etc to sprinkle on. Hoping they might have it in the store when I go to return this one so I can get it without having it shipped.

On a side note, I also ordered an ottoman bench with storage for the living room so I have somewhere to store all my containers where they won’t tumble out when I open the cupboard. Not a lot of storage in my kitchen!

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